All Little Owls Nurseries have a focus on health and wellbeing.

Menus are designed by a dietician and are freshly prepared and cooked onsite every day.

The food for each day has been designed by a dietician to ensure a well-balanced diet appropriate to your child’s age and stage.

All dietary requirements are catered for including allergies and special diets.

If your child stays during mealtimes they can expect a number of nutritional snacks, lunch and a light tea. Water is available at all times during the day.

The cost of meals and snacks is incorporated in your fees and is free to all children who attend during meal and snack times.

Nursery lunch is normally at 11.30 am and is normally a hot two course meal. Nursery tea is around 3:30 to 4pm and is normally a light tea of age appropriate sandwiches with fresh fruit and vegetables.  Nursery Tea is not intended to replace your family’s evening meal together.

You may have seen recent publicity about the drop in child obesity in Leeds. The Henry program (Health, Exercise, Nutrition for the Really Young) is credited as a major contributor to this drop.

Our childcare practitioners are trained in ‘Henry’ and use the principles to ensure your child has a healthy start in life.

The link below gives more details

Exercise and personal care

Children play outside in all weathers and movement play is a strength in our centres encouraging children to take regular exercise and improve their physical development.

Personal care, independence and teeth brushing are all encouraged at our centres.

Potty training is undertaken in partnership with parents. When your child is ready, we can offer additional support from family services or your health visitor, if you need it.