Just 7 miles from the city centre Herd Farm lends itself extremely well to pre-school aged groups to explore, enjoy and achieve. The facility is spread over a rural 16 acre secure site. Parents and children enjoy a variety of settings from woodland to open fields with long grass, hills, and playing fields. The varied range of ‘play and explore’ opportunities, both structured and natural, lend themselves to children displaying their inquisitive side, asking questions, seeking reassurance and gaining confidence as they work things out. In addition, the open spaces and enclosed areas create exciting spaces to swell children’s imagination, particularly when tied in with themed topics such as building hedgehog houses. This year so far Little Owls nurseries have made around 30 visits to Herd farm with plans for many more. The impact on the children’s learning has been significant.

“It was lovely to spend time with the children outside and not hear anything but nature, the children have the space to run around and there’s so much for them to explore” Little Owls Nurseries.

“We hope to be able to work in this creative way across more Children’s Centres and with more families ensuring all our children have access to develop awe and wonder at Herd Farm” Herd farm.